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Covid Safety at Lorraine’s

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My aim is to keep you protected and safe during your visit, as well as making sure you still feel relaxed and enjoy your experience.

I have implemented all of my Covid training to ensure we are all protected.

Before every visit you will be emailed a Covid Safety Form to fill in.

Please feel free to scan your location when you arrive.

I check my temperature every day.  Yours will be checked on arrival too.

Hand sanitiser is here for you to use as frequently as you would like

All professional products are stored away in cupboards until they are chosen for your treatment after which they are sanitised and placed back in the cupboard.

Retail products are kept in glass display cabinets to keep them sterile and contamination free.

All linen is washed after each client on a 60 degree wash and with antibacterial washing solution. The treatment couch and surfaces are wiped down with sanitiser.

I do hope you feel safe with every visit and can relax and enjoy your treatments.