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How to book a Skin Care Consultation

Your skin is unique, let’s treat it that way!

A consultation takes all the guesswork out of getting results. Have prescribed a no- nonsense home care and personal treatment regime for you, to deliver optimum skin health in the most customised way.

The first chapter of your skins journey.

A professional consultation that reveals your skin’s past, present… and the healthiest future.

Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your complimentary Consultation / Skin Fitness Plan.

At Lorraine’s we offer several different options of how you can have a personal consultation with us.

To book a consultation please choose one of our easy options



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Why a consultation is so important


A consultation is in essential part of being able to diagnose a skin complaint or produce a skin treatment plan.


Your Medical history and general health might contraindicate you to a particular treatment or product. General lifestyle habits are useful in troubleshooting skin problems.


Medication can have a huge effect on the skin. Even Antibiotics make the skin much more sensitive therefore making it more dehydrated.


Some drugs can make the skin hypersensitive to pigmentation. Roaccutane is a contraindication to several treatments skin as the skin is so sensitive when taking this drug.


Smoking depletes vitamin C and restricts oxygen to the skin, this impairs the healing and can cause a yellow sallow appearance. It may even cause, comedones and find wrinkles.


Exercise usually improves skin conditions and assist in stress reduction. Although over exercising can cause the adrenal glands to be over stimulated and can result in breakouts.


Healthy diet is always essential. Restricted diets or fasting can cause breakouts, dry skin and hormone imbalances.


If you wear contact lenses we would prefer them to remove them prior to treatment.


Metal implants and a pacemaker is a contraindication to an electrical treatment.


How stressed are you? It has been shown that stress impacts the skin and one’s overall well-being.


It’s important to know if you suffer from any allergies so as to prevent any allergic response to treatment we can also screen your product ingredients and treatment protocols to ensure safety and effective treatment. If you’ve had an allergy or allergic reaction to aspirin, there are certain treatments we cannot carry out.


What SPF sunscreen you use on your skin is important as the skin ages 80% faster in the sun. Do you burn easily or have you been in the sun recently? If so, the skin will be more sensitised.


A good SPF should be worn at all times especially after certain treatments.


Do you work outdoors? Is your skin protected enough from the elements, weather conditions? Do you work in air conditioning? All these environments effect your skin.


If you drink a high level of caffeinated beverages or alcohol, this can increase the skin sensitivity in blood circulation and reduce the skins moisture levels. You may also have a lower pain threshold.


Clients who experience claustrophobia need to let us know so we can make sure they’re comfortable at all times.


We always ask clients what their Specific concerns or challenges are after all it is your skin we are treating. Your concerns are our challenges.


It’s essential that we know what skincare products you’re currently using, as often products can cause skin problems. It also gives us an idea of how intense your skincare is. There is no point recommending eight products if you only currently use two. How much time do you have to look after your skin? A routine needs to fit into your lifestyle.


It’s always important to know what treatment you’ve had in the past especially if they’ve been within the last two weeks this might have an impact on your treatment plan and the treatment we carry out that day the skin needs to be completely healed after certain treatments.


If you have had a waxing treatment in the last 72 hours your skin will be too sensitive for certain treatments.


The use of Roaccutane and other prescribe skin products will mean that exfoliation needs to be restricted and the skin needs to be treated with caution.


We like to know if you are finding your skin tight dry and experience flakiness as these are the classic signs of dehydration or an impaired barrier.


If you suffer with cold sores or experience a break out of a cold sore a treatment cannot be carried out as it will spread the infection.


If you experience any burning itching us or stinging on your skin this suggests your skin is hypersensitive and must be treated with caution and a patch test on the inside of your arm might need to be carried out prior to treatment.


Taking oral contraception can cause hyper-pigmentation skin breakouts or dryness.


If you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant we will avoid certain essential oils, electrical treatments and high temperature treatments. Hormones are likely to be unbalanced so the skin may be reacting in a different way than normal.


If you want lactating breast feeding then we wouldn’t use certain essential oils.


If you are currently having a do you for your menstrual period, your skin will be more sensitive. It maybe oilier than normal. You will more sensitised.


So as you can see there are lots of factors that can affect the skin. Sometimes a bigger picture of your whole lifestyle gives us a clearer pathway to achieving your skin goal.