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Sara – Adult Acne and Sensitivity from Polycystic Ovaries


Sara suffers with Polycystic Ovaries. She had contacted me after trying different products that hadn’t helped and realised she really needed the help of a skincare specialist who could help her understand her skin issues. Her skincare routine was very basic – just a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, with no exfoliation.

At an initial consultation to cleanse and analyse Sara’s skin, I found out about her medical history, skincare routine, and concerns.  Her skin had always been clear up until a year ago when she started to get breakouts after suffering a lot of stress. 

Sara’s cheek areas are very sensitive and dry, she has congestion with mixed comedones and blemishes, as well as sensitivity on her jawline.  Due to her Polycystic Ovaries she also suffers with hair growth which inflames and irritates her skin when plucked. 

After cleansing her skin and examining it thoroughly with a magnifying lamp, I took several photographs then used a few products to see how her skin reacted. We talked about how I felt I could help her and I provided product samples that I believed would be of benefit and booked an appointment for two weeks’ time to discuss next steps.

The Challenge

Sara’s Polycystic Ovaries cause a hormone imbalance, where the oil glands produce excess oil of a thicker, stickier consistency; hairs can be thicker and shorter and do not act as good wicks to carry the excess oil out of the follicle; and there is an over production of dead skin cells which are retained in the follicle and on the surface.

Without any exfoliation in her skincare routine to relieve some of the hormonal imbalance issues, this was the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in, thereby actually encouraging breakouts on Sara’s face

The Solution

I helped Sara understand how her skin was being affected by her polycystic ovaries and lack of exfoliation.  I explained that her skin’s barrier is impaired causing dehydration and sensitivity, thus making it produce more oil to compensate and emphasised the importance of not picking at the breakouts and cause scaring.  We also talked about laser hair removal to reduce the hair growth on her chin to stop it being so irritated. 

I started Sara on a 0.5% retinol, to lift the dead skin cells and reduce the scaring.  I proposed a daily light exfoliator, to help build the skins natural barrier, as well as a calming hydrator, to reduce the sensitivity and oil secretions.


The Results

My instructions were very clear.  Even on the evening after her consultation and initial treatment, after only using the products I had proposed, Sara said her skin felt less dry and tight. And she found the products easy to use.

After one week her skin looked brighter and, after two weeks of using the products, she said her skin was a lot clearer, less dry and brighter. Her favourite products were the daily exfoliant and the calming hydrator.

Sara said she had learnt lots, especially about cell renewal and how to manage her skin specifically.  She purchased a deep cleanser, the daily exfoliator and calming hydrator.

Her parting words were “I’m very, very happy, thank you so much.”  Saying she said she would recommend me to her friends

Sara came back in for a Medik8 peel the next week and I actually asked her if she had make up on, as her skin looked so good!  After the peel her skin looked amazing!!!

‘So, a few people commented on Monday night about how nice and shiny my skin looked. Today I have a bit of flaking, but not bad at all. Really happy, thank you again!’

I have one little spot, however my skin is soooooo much clearer! I’m actually amazed! Thank you so so so much! Honestly this is the first day in over a year that I have looked at my skin in the morning and not hated it! I’ve been so down about it for so long and I know it isn’t perfectly clear just yet but I can see real progress and it’s completely made my year so far. I can’t thank you enough.